All our cakes are based on a standard height of 10cm. (4 inches)

Extended cakes have filling and are 15cm high. (6 inches)


We mainly use two types of filling:

*Ganache is a delicious, mix of chocolate dark, milk or white and pure cream. Liqueur, can be added to make this even more sinful.

*Swiss buttercream is a velvety butter base mix with meringue. This works perfectly with light flavours such as lemon, vanilla, orange or a light chocolate. Other fillings that you require can be made for you if requested ie. custard.

Mud Cakes


 Dark Chocolate Mud cake

Cookies and Cream Mud cake

Banana Mud

Baileys Mud Cake

Caramel Mud Cake

Cherry Ripe Mud Cake

Choc Mint Mud Cake

Espresso Mud Cake

Hazelnut Mud Cake

Jaffa Mud Cake

Kahlua Mud Cake

Marble Mud Cake

White Choc, Raspberry Mud Cake

White Choc Mud Cake

White Coconut Mud

On The Lighter Side

Limoncello Butter Cake

Banana Cake

Butterscotch Cake

Carrot Cake

Lemon & Coconut Cake

Orange and Poppy Cake

Rainbow Cake

Traditional Fruit Cake

Vanilla Sour Cream  Cake

Chocolate Sour Cream cake